Get Involved in Your Local Community: Exploring Community Outreach Programs Offered by Fire Districts in Suffolk County, New York

Are you looking for ways to get involved in your local community? Fire districts in Suffolk County, New York, offer a variety of community outreach programs that can help you make a difference. The Suffolk County Fire, Rescue and Emergency Services (FRES) Department is dedicated to serving both the 1.5 million residents of the county and the 10,000 first responders who are committed to protecting lives and property. The department is led by District Manager Carl Thomas and Commissioner Thomas LaFemina, who recently installed a new steel storage mezzanine in the Butler building. This new equipment will be used for everything from small construction projects on the District's grounds to helping remove snow. The board of fire commissioners is responsible for organizing, operating, maintaining and equipping fire companies in the district.

They can also build and maintain an adequate fire alarm system and employ the people needed to carry out the objectives and purposes of the district. Joe Hammel, a district employee, recently named a new Bobcat after himself to uproot some dead evergreens from the ground and plant new replacements. In addition to keeping your city safe and extinguishing fires, many local fire departments also offer informational programs that teach children safety habits and practices, as well as emergency planning. On April 25th, the District Fire Chief gave a course on fire extinguishers for Will-Bar International employees at Cabot Court in the Hauppauge industrial park. The Hauppauge Fire District and the Hauppauge Fire Department are proud sponsors of Explorers Post 660. Commissioner Barz was sworn in along with a group of other commissioners at the Suffolk County Fire District Officers Association installation dinner last night in Villa Lombardi. The district's fire company or companies constitute the fire department of the fire district.

The fire department is led by a chief and a deputy chief or chiefs. Special rules apply to the selection of commissioners for a newly established or consolidated fire district. The Suffolk County Fire Academy offers training opportunities on truss and National Grid signs. If you're interested in getting involved in your local community, consider taking advantage of these programs offered by fire districts in Suffolk County, New York.

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