Who is the Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services?

The mission of the Department of Social Services (DSS) is to provide financial assistance and support services to eligible Suffolk County residents in an effective and efficient manner, while simultaneously protecting vulnerable people and encouraging their independence and self-reliance. New York State is divided into fifty-eight local social service districts, with the five boroughs of New York City comprising one district. The remaining fifty-seven counties make up the rest of the state, each corresponding to one district. The County Departments of Social Services (DSS) are responsible for providing or managing the full range of publicly funded social services and cash assistance programs.

Families whose incomes meet state guidelines and who meet other criteria may be eligible for a subsidy to help cover some of their child care costs. If you are looking for information about child care subsidies in your county, you should contact your local DSS office. On April 7, 1983, a mother with a history of mental illness gave birth to James, who was placed in a foster home shortly after. The evidence presented at the investigative hearing showed that the parents had not attended recommended counseling sessions to address the issues that prevented James from returning home, and that the mother had a history of mental illness and the father was an alcoholic.

In addition, the father rejected an offer from a social worker to organize vocational training. By not taking advantage of available services and resources, the parents failed to meet their obligation to plan for James (see Matter of Kathleen B.). The Suffolk County Department of Social Services (DSS) offers free or low-cost subsidized child care services to eligible families residing in Suffolk County. The DSS now has a new free mobile application (app) available to county residents that allows them to submit necessary documents.

You can also track your Suffolk County Transit bus live and get accurate arrival predictions on your mobile phone. The Commissioner of the Suffolk County Department of Social Services is currently Michael J. Loguercio Jr., who was appointed by Governor Andrew Cuomo in 2018. Mr. Loguercio has been working in public service for over 25 years, with experience in both state and local government. He has held various positions within the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance, including Deputy Commissioner for Program Development and Deputy Commissioner for Program Operations. Mr.

Loguercio is committed to providing quality services to Suffolk County residents in need. He is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have access to necessary resources and support services that will help them achieve self-sufficiency. He also works closely with community partners to ensure that all individuals have access to quality health care, education, employment opportunities, and other essential services.

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