What is the Budget for Fire Districts in Suffolk County, New York?

The budget for fire districts in Suffolk County, New York is linked to the city's annual budget and is sent to the county to collect taxes for the purposes of the fire district. Long Island fire districts are keeping their spending to a minimum in the upcoming year, according to recently released proposed budgets. Joe Hammel, a district employee, named the new Bobcat after himself to uproot some dead evergreens and plant new replacements. The board of fire commissioners can also build and maintain an adequate fire alarm system and employ people needed to carry out the objectives and purposes of the district. In addition, the board may hire an attorney to advise and assist in the performance of its official duties; it may hire a public accountant or certified public accountant to audit the accounts and fiscal matters of the fire district; it may organize, operate, maintain and equip fire companies in the district.

A fire district is a district corporation of the State, distinct from the municipalities in which it is located. Most districts have budgets with an increase of less than 2 percent, while 30 percent propose spending plans that are stable or lower than those of the current year. District employees installed a new steel storage mezzanine in the Butler building. On April 25th, the District Fire Chief gave a course on fire extinguishers for Will-Bar International employees at Cabot Court, in the Hauppauge industrial park. The Hauppauge Fire District and Hauppauge Fire Department are proud sponsors of Explorers Post 660.

Fire district commissioners are elected every December and are responsible for all financial matters of the fire districts. Fire districts should post legal notices and information about meetings on city websites, their own websites, and any electronic bulletin boards located outside their fire stations. The district's fire company or companies constitute the fire department of the fire district. The fire department is led by a chief and a deputy chief or chiefs. Special rules apply to the selection of commissioners for newly established or consolidated fire districts.

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