Safety Protocols for Fire Districts in Suffolk County, New York

The New York State Office of Fire Prevention and Control (OFPC) has established minimum training protocols for fire districts in Suffolk County, New York. The Suffolk County Traffic and Parking Violations Agency (SCTPVA) is responsible for issuing parking citations, red light camera citations, and traffic violations in the five cities of western Suffolk County. The Suffolk County Director of Personnel administers the Civil Service Act in the county. The Firefighter I course taught by the Suffolk County Fire Academy covers these competencies.

The department also operates the Suffolk County Transit System and controls mosquitoes that transmit diseases and affect outdoor activities. The mission of the Suffolk County Ethics Board is to promote ethical literacy and conduct in government through training, transparency, and trust. This board maintains confidentiality, follows its own Code of Ethics, participates in outreach and training of public officials and employees, and recommends new laws to promote ethical compliance. The Suffolk County Board of Elections was established in 1935 as a bipartisan agency responsible for all aspects of the electoral process, from voter registration to election results.

The Suffolk County Department of Health Services works to promote well-being and protect public health and the environment. The Firefighter I Scene Support Operations course taught by the Suffolk County Fire Academy covers these competencies. The Tax Map Division is responsible for creating and maintaining fiscal maps for the county. The mission of the Suffolk County Youth Office is to meet the needs of youth under 21 by ensuring effective countywide planning, development, and management of resources for youth services.

The county prosecutor is responsible for managing civil legal matters for the county government and its agencies. The complementary paratransit service is provided through the Suffolk County Accessible Transportation Program (SCAT). In 1976, with the adoption of the New York State Elections Act, the Suffolk Board became part of the New York State Board of Elections with expanded regulatory functions.

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